Scales by MUT Design for Harmony

Scales by MUT Design for Harmony

Spanish studio MUT Design have launched a new line of 3D ceramic tiles with neon edges inspired by the reflective quality of fish scales.


 The ‘Scales’ tiles by MUT Design create a striking neon grid across the wall.

Slightly raised from the wall, two edges of the white ceramic ‘Scales‘ tiles are painted in bright neon colors that form a subtle grid of color when arranged on the wall. “With Scales, we seek to imitate the feeling of vibrating movement transmitted by the sheeny skin of fishes when they ripple under water,” explain the designers. “The color on the rear side tinges the white smooth surface of every piece once they get together.”


Produced in collaboration with with Castellón-based Harmony, a brand belonging to ceramic tile manufacturer Peronda, each of the Scales tiles are produced in 20 x 20 cm formats in Spain.


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About the designers: MUT Design is a Valencia-based design studio founded by Alberto Sánchez. This multidisciplinary team is also a publisher whose values are based upon the principle of emotive design. Since its beginnings MUT has aimed to experiment with and redefine everyday objects. This unique quality and fresh take on the everyday unites each and every project realised by this Red Dot Design Award-winning studio.

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