Project 6 / Jun 20, 2018

Miguel McKelvey / Paul Petrunia

Join us for lunch to kick off the AIA Conference to learn about The Architecture of Culture.

How can architecture affect the culture of work across the globe? Miguel McKelvey, WeWork’s Co-Founder and Chief Culture Officer, will share his story of applying his experience in architecture to a multi-billion dollar business that has disrupted the worlds of architecture, co-working, and real-estate development in just a matter of a few years. Paul Petrunia, Founder of Archinect, will be moderating this conversations.

Event Speakers

Miguel McKelvey


About Miguel McKelvey

Miguel McKelvey is the Co-founder and Chief Culture Officer of WeWork, a platform for creators that helps people make a life, not just a living. Miguel oversees diverse initiatives across the company, ensuring that WeWork’s foundational values are infused into all aspects of the company's culture, design, products and operations. Miguel and co-founder Adam Neumann started WeWork in 2010 in New York City. Before WeWork, Miguel and Adam started Green Desk, a turnkey eco-friendly work space based in Brooklyn. Previously, Miguel worked on the international rollout of American Apparel’s retail stores. Miguel began his entrepreneurial career by co-founding the company English, baby! - an English as a second language learning platform and social network - that is still thriving today. Originally from Oregon, Miguel studied Architecture at the University of Oregon, where he also played basketball.

Paul Petrunia


About Paul Petrunia

Paul Petrunia is the founder and director of Archinect, a (mostly) online publication/resource founded in 1997 to establish a more connected community of architects, students, designers and fans of the designed environment. Outside of managing his growing team of writers, editors, designers and technology specialists, Paul co-hosts Archinect Sessions, a weekly podcast featuring discussions of current architecture news and exclusive interviews with architecture leaders. Paul is also the founder and director of Bustler, the web's primary resource for architecture competition, events and related news stories. Paul studied architecture and the University of Oregon and the Southern California Institute of Architecture. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two children and enjoys escaping everything, as often as possible, by diving Southern California's Channel Islands.