Project 6 / May 17, 2018

Catherine Joseph / Whitney Odell

Co Hosts

Join us for an interactive presentation and discussion – Dignity in Elimination: Designing the All Gender Bathroom. We will explore common assumptions about bathroom access, inclusion, and the gendering of space. It’s time to bring bathrooms out of the stranglehold of politics and back into the realm of public interest and design.

Dignity in Elimination is sponsored by FXPodium, FXCollaborative’s White Paper Series, and is based on the speaker’s research paper “Bathrooms for Humans.”

A NYCxDesign 2018 Event.

Event Speakers

Catherine Joseph


About Catherine Joseph

Catherine is a Junior Architect who works on the technical coordination and documentation of structural and mechanical systems for commercial high-rise buildings. Working with engineering consultants, she reviews drawings, sketches, and details to compare thresholds and tolerances to balance design with the architectural intent.

Whitney Odell


About Whitney Odell

As an interior architect, Whitney has a deep appreciation for how people live, work, and play, which complements her comprehensive understanding of design and mechanical and engineering systems. She balances conceptual rigor and a keen spatial sense—faculties she developed in her contemporary art studies and work in the art world—with an ability to anticipate the impact of environment on people's health, well-being, and state of mind.