Evolve by RT London

Evolve by RT London

For many first-year college students, the typical dorm room can seem like a prison. RT London's Evolve-a modular furniture system that's easy to reconfigure-is changing all that.


Winner of the 2016 NeoCon Silver Award, Evolve "re-imagines the standard bed frame," utilizing the headboard as nexus for storage, work surface, and panel accessories in order to "accommodate a variety of work styles and social modes."

Headboard as nexus

Adjustable-height headboards facilitate multiple storage strategies and styles-wardrobes may go beneath, above, or adjacent. Privacy walls may be constructed from storage bins. Work surfaces can be attached on all sides.


storage bins


Modular seating is also part and parcel of evolve. A seat-to-table lounge stool jibes with the aesthetics of the bed, while also providing additional seating for guests.


Evolve's casegoods are constructed of an exposed multi-ply core with maple or oak veneer and a variety of finish options. Laminate is optional on the work surface and three-drawer chest. For further information, see RT London.

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