Lovely Avonlea by Revolution Performance Fabrics

Lovely Avonlea by Revolution Performance Fabrics

Featuring Revolution Performance Materials’ patented Revolution (the market’s first PFC-free fabric), Avonlea is an excellent choice for residential or commercial use.  Made of 100% polypropylene, it’s free of harmful PFC and PFBS chemicals—resulting in a substantial improvement to indoor air quality.  

Blue background white stripe

A pleasant windowpane plaid, Avonlea is suitable for indoor furniture as well as RV and camper upholstery. The extensive color palette includes backgrounds in black, light blue, grey, and green for the white plaid stripe; orange for the red stripe; and the natural shade for brown.

Revolution Performance fabrics natural background with brown stripe

Avonlea is a durable, stain-resistant material with a pleasing feel that makes it especially comfortable for seating applications (even on bare legs!) The simple pattern and neutral color palette render it suitable for use in lively environments. Its inherent versatility means It can be paired with wall coverings, carpets, and furniture in a natural wood finish: great for rooms with lots of activity like hospital and airport lounges, restaurants, and active family rooms with kids and dogs bouncing off the walls.

Avonlea green with white stripe
Read more about Avonlea and the entire line of textiles featuring the innovative Revolution fabric here.

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