Oona by Keilhauer

Oona by Keilhauer


, a new boucl© textile from Keilhauer, is an excellent choice for upholstery, given its classic look and updated colors.

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Oona feels like wool, but the fabric's 34 percent nylon means it's conveniently stretchy, making it "an ideal option for upholstering highly contoured pieces," explains Keilhauer. And the fabric's non-directional pattern means less waste.


Although boucl© is classic, Oona has been updated through its color palette. Colors include on-trend hues such as Jade Green and Dusty Pink, as well as neutral tones and bold colors. Red, Persian Blue, and Teal are particularly eye-catching.


Because it's more comfortable and more durable, Oona works for both residential and commercial applications.

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Visit www.keilhauer.com for more information.

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