NeoCon 2024: The Good Plastic Company

NeoCon 2024: The Good Plastic Company

It’s not often one hears the words “good” and “plastic” in close proximity; however, this is not only the name of a pioneering company that has placed sustainability front and center, but also said company’s very ethos. To wit, “By transforming plastic waste into a symbol of environmental consciousness, we aim to spark meaningful dialogue and inspire tangible action.”

Polygood panel translucent white with colored specks

The above quote—from The Good Plastic Company‘s CEO and company founder Dr. William Chizhovsky—gets to the heart of the matter: recontextualizing the very meaning of plastic. What the general public tends to think of as waste, The Good Plastic Company considers an eminently valuable resource, abundantly available and poised to take the place of virgin materials that typically represent a large climate price tag.

Good Plastic Company sample panels
Polygood in forest green with embedded weed

The patented Polygood panels depicted in the images above are the Good Plastic Company’s flagship product. They’re made from reclaimed plastic plucked from the world’s waste stream, in manifold forms like blue data cables, discarded refrigerator parts, household electronics, CD disk cases, and disposable cutlery.

Polygood planter

The end result is a durable, versatile, strong, lightweight, and thermo-formable polystyrene panel that can be used in a multitude of applications. The planter above from a Nike store in West London is one example. The multi-use platform below (from a Madrid tech company) is another.

Good Plastic Company panels on raised pedestal seating at tech company

But these just scratch the surface. Polygood panels may be used for a variety of interior design features such as retail displays, public seating, cladding, countertops, facades, backsplashes, signage, large-scale art installations, cabinetry, and even lighting.

Polygood white with colored specks on bathrom vanity
As cabinetry in workshop
Polygood as diffuser on pendant lights

These and other of the Good Plastic Company’s wares will be on prominent display at NeoCon 2024. The Metropolis Sustainability Lab will be featuring Polygood as the primary material for the 27 display pedestals in the space. Says Display Curator (and Studio O + A Co-founder) Verda Alexander: “The panels are a true case study for circularity… each sheet of Polygood material tells a story of transformation and innovation.”

Multiple samples of Polygood in various colors
Good Plastic Company panel detail with component elements
Countertop in azure blue with pastries
Stop by the Sustainability Lab at NeoCon 2024 to find out more about The Good Plastic Company’s ecological approach and how specifying Polygood over virgin material creates a substantial climate impact, “preventing the emission of over three tons of CO2 for every ton of material produced.”

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