Get a Handle on It with Viefe

Get a Handle on It with Viefe

Viefe—a Barcelona-based company committed to elevating ostensibly small details to fine art—makes knobs and pulls you can get excited about.

Viefe Conic handle in brushed metal finishes

Conic, seen above in Zamak and below in wood, features a hypnotic, conical design that’s a throwback to the 70s.

Conical in wood on cabinet

Viefe remarks that the funnel shape is becoming fashionable again and we tend to agree: this one’s got an unusual tactile appeal that makes opening and closing a special pleasure.

Viefe Conic in black

Next, the Bau handle features a circular, hemispherical design that’s unexpected in a drawer pull, yet attractive and highly functional. The unique design makes for easy opening and excellent longevity—no loose screws here in this handle that’s ideal for “bathrooms, kitchens, and modern juvenile bedrooms.”

Bau in black
Bau in multiple colors by Viefe

Lastly, Brave is a lengthy handle that traverses the distance across drawers. It features a subtle curve that invites easy grabbing.

Brave handle in bronze on drawer set
Brave handle various sizes and colors

Finish options for all three include matte white, black, metallic gray, and brushed nickel. The wooden version of Conic comes in natural, walnut, and ebony.

Conic in wood styles

Find out more at Viefe.

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