At Neo-Con 2021: Disappear with Mockett

At Neo-Con 2021: Disappear with Mockett

Join Mockett (also known as Doug Mockett & Company, Inc.) at NeoCon 2021 for a presto-chango display in which multiple entities disappear before your very eyes.

First off, Mockett dispels with bacteria courtesy of these stylish tab drawer pulls with antimicrobial finish.

The integrated coating does away with 99.9% of germs, making the surface safer than those cleaned with routine disinfection. The three-inch wide pulls (Mockett’s most popular size) are available in satin chrome, satin nickel, and black.

Power Pop-Up Grommets also perform a nifty disappearing trick. Now you see it.

Now you don’t.

Power Pop-Up Grommets incorporate two power outlets and one USB charger. They’re available in five different finishes.

Last up: Shadow

Mockett’s PCS120/WC-90 – SHADOW Electric Pop-Up Power with Wireless Charging Top (whew! by the time you’re done saying it, it’s disappeared silently from sight) rises and descends at the touch of a button. It’s motorized so it will stop at any height. And, the top is a wireless charging port!

All of these super-cool items will be on display at NeoCon 2021.

Be sure to visit Mockett on the seventh floor in their two booths: 7-9030 & 7-9046.

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