Amiga Lamps by Voidfill Studio

Amiga Lamps by Voidfill Studio

This funky 3-D printed lamp collection is from LGBTQ+ design firm Voidfill Studio.

An Amiga Lamp in situ

Amiga Lamps are “a form study of joining box primitives which turn in alternating x, y, z coordinate planes.” They bring to mind an illuminated and more colorful version of the game of Jenga or a taller skyscraper-shaped Rubik’s Cube.

A collection of Amiga Lamps

“Gaps are left between the shapes with hidden supports to create an appearance of levitating geometry.”

Amiga comes in black, black and white, bubblegum pink, or a chartreuse green lamp options.

Pink Amiga on tabletop

Voidfill Studio is the creative outlet of Sebastian Bidegain, an artist who is a physician by training but who now uses his background in biology and molecular motifs to inspire his art and design.

Green Amiga by Voidfill Studio

See more of his design work at Voidfill Studio online or on Instagram.

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