Memoria by Karim Rashid for Natuzzi

Memoria by Karim Rashid for Natuzzi

Memoria by Karim Rashid is part of Natuzzi’s New Collection, which features large-sized furniture with sweeping curves and soft lines. In deep green upholstery, Memoria invites you to sink comfortably into an undulating wave that envelops you in warm, dreamy comfort. The sofa becomes the centerpoint of your living room, enticing you to linger in its warmth.

Memoria sofa

Its large size can accommodate an oversized coffee table or side tables that provide room for adding books, drinks, games, newspapers—anything more to enhance your relaxed state. In any color, Memoria provides a luxurious background for colorful pillows or rugs.

Natuzzi leathers

Of course, the sofa is available in leather, which is tanned at Natuzzi factories in Italy.

Memoria sofas

While Memoria commands attention, its size varies. Memoria comes in linear and sectional versions, including a sculptural three-seater with one-arm and the sinuous corner sectional.

Karim Rashid and ikons

Karim Rashid was born in Egypt but moved to London at a young age. From there, his family moved to Montreal, Canada. He visited the Montreal Expo where he saw Buckminster Fuller’s Dome and started to imagine designs of the future. He is one of the most prolific designers at work today, creating everything from furniture to packaging, home appliances, and art. An artist, engineer, and author, Rashid believes that design should be part of life—for all people. He has even created a sort of Rashid alphabet called Ikons.

Natuzzi showroom

Natuzzi is one of the best known furniture brands in the world. Started in 1959 in Taranto, Puglia Italy, it has evolved into a company that continuously looks to the future. Using all kinds of materials, Natuzzi combines Italian design, synonymous with beauty and craftsmanship, with comfort.

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