From the Era of Tubular: K-106

From the Era of Tubular: K-106

The bold and brash K-106 makes the cut for this week’s Geometric theme courtesy of its swooping, stadium-style tubular arms.

K-106 Chair side view of tubular arm

This shape (essentially like a racing track) isn’t strictly considered a basic geometric form, yet we love how it fuses the linear with the circular.

Chair in yellow leather with ottoman

The chair itself is of mysterious origin with no identified designer. Given its predilection for the tubular and the style of its upholstery (a rolled foam frequently used in autos and small aircraft), K-106 likely dates to the 1930s.

Upholstery detail, red

K-106 is available in a limited edition reproduction in ultra brick leather with walnut-stained beech armrests.

K-106 yellow leather in living room

See Modernista for details.

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