Louise Campbell

Louise Campbell

Lately, we’ve been featuring a lot of Danish design, so it’s no surprise we’re turning to the work of Louise Campbell. Born in Copenhagen to a Danish father and an English mother, Campbell inherited a “combination of Scandinavian rationalism and femininity.” This fusion can be seen in her furniture and object design, which highlights functionality, material technology, and complex forms.
aser-cut steel and rubber chair resembling lace
1. Prince Chair for HAY

Prince Chair showcases Campbell’s duality. Made of steel and rubber, Prince Chair features cutouts that resemble lace. The chair’s transparency is achieved via high technology—old world tradition meets new world construction.
laser-cut steel chair looks like lace
2. Veryround for Zanotta

Another complex chair, Veryround uses laser-cut steel to create a sculptural form resembling a blossoming flower. It is art as much as seating.
sculptural sofa resembles folded origami

3. Folda Sofa by Louise Campbell

Folda Sofa features the same attention to detail as Campbell’s more famous chairs. Like an expertly created piece of origami, Folda is crisp and complex—finished with two bow-shaped pillows.
white pendant lamp with lace-like shade
4. LC Shutters for Louis Poulsen

Designed for Louis Poulsen, LC Shutters continues Campbell’s lace-like construction in the field of lighting. Here, perforations are not only decorative but purposeful, serving to filter light. The resulting pendant is feminine and whimsical, like a doll’s petticoat.
black modern candlestick with six candle cups
5. The More the Merrier for Muuto

Another creation that explores advanced technology, this clever candlestick is made from high-pressure casted plastic with molded rubber “to create a soft surface.” Serpentine connectors create a ribbon-like display and suspend one of the candle cups in mid-air, elevating the design.
three simple handblown glass vases
6. Flora Vase for Holmegaard

Another accessory worth exploring, Flora Vase was created “with the intention of giving your fresh flowers plenty of water.” This practical detail illustrates the designer’s Scandinavian roots, of course—Louis Campbell never neglects function.

designer Louise Campbell at work
For more information, visit Louise Campbell.

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