Salone 2024 Preview: Wallpepper Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Salone 2024 Preview: Wallpepper Celebrates its 10th Anniversary

Salone del Mobile 2024 will be held from Tuesday, April 16 to Sunday, April 25th. With over 2500 exhibitors and some 270,000 visitors, the international furniture show is a great place to highlight your brand. On its 10th anniversary, Wallpepper is exhibiting at Salone for the first time. Wallpepper Group is showing new work that celebrates the brand’s 10th Anniversary. The brand’s exhibit is sure to please: “The theatrical and immersive setting is thematically organized and will truly bring visitors into a reality of limitless images.”

Citta Perduta wallpaper

Wallpepper’s new collection contains varied graphics from nature, some very realistic and others fantastical. It also features drawings of Milan and architectural elements such as arches (see Citta Perduta above).

Surf Dino wallpaper

Many of the designs use large-scale prints and interesting textures—and the patterns for kids’ rooms are wildly inventive. Surf Dino and Story Tale are enchanting.

Story Tale wallpaper

Up is one of my favorites, depicting balloons of varying colors and sizes with birds sitting atop them floating through a blue sky.

Up wallpaper

New wallpapers also feature a preponderance of Japanese imagery, use of large circles in geometric renderings, and a nod to Italian architecture. Koi is a vivid rendering of a huge black and white koi fish, whose tail almost envelops the person found next to the wall.

Koi wallpaper

Dancing in the Rain is suitable for a bathroom, featuring many hues of blue as background with grand white flowers showered by large rain drops. Wallpepper’s Gae Aulenti pattern shows a boat with two women hovering in it and a fantastical city in the background. It’s escapism at its best.

Dancing in the Rain wallpaper

A few years ago, the creators of Salone del Mobile decided to focus on sustainability. In this context, sustainability means two things: sustainable in terms of protecting earth’s environment and in emphasizing work as sustainable, meaning the work environment should be designed to preserve employee wellness and encourage employee growth. These two principles are evident in Wallpepper’s products.

Gae Auleti wallpaper

Wallpepper can match each graphic with the material the customer wants and can change colors to match any project’s palette. Its papers are made with only natural, eco-friendly, PVC-free and certified fire-resistant materials. With stringent standards related to human health, Wallpepper’s papers can be used for decoration of hospitals, schools, and restaurants. Additionally, WallPepper collaborates with internationally acclaimed artists and studios.  

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