Salone 2024: Melt Me by Nika Zupanc for Driade

Salone 2024: Melt Me by Nika Zupanc for Driade

Parts of Milan are melting this week. The larger-than-life, 3-D Melt Me campaign from Driade and 150UP, the Milan-based creative arts and tech agency, is inspired by Melt Me, the lacquered ceramic objects by Nika Zupanc for Driade.

Melt Me by Nika Zupanc

On the streets of Milan, Melt Me has been re-imagined. It is utterly dreamlike and fabulous. We are especially dazzled by “Cherry Me Up,” four airborne cherries that melt into the Italian street on impact with a realistic melty “glug” sound effect.

Cherry Me Up installation at Salone

Or, the golden glam case around “Kiss Me” that pixelates into the blue sky in front of Arco della Pace.

Kiss Me installation at Salone

Seeing is believing. See them all IRL at Salone del Mobile.Milano or in Driade’s Instagram feed here.

Melt Me collection image

Self-proclaimed as an “aesthetics laboratory,” Driade is known for envisioning unique and eclectic products. Although their work is undoubtedly extravagant, it’s also quite playful. There’s joy among the elegance and timelessness. Take Melt Me, for example.

Red-themed Melt Me collection

The original Melt Me, the one as inspiration for Milan Design Week’s Melt Me, is a collection of four table-top-sized lacquered ceramic objects. They’re everyday objects (mirrors, hearts, lipsticks, cherries) in red, black, and a lustrous gold that are melting into the surface they’re on.

Nika Zupanc

They’re slightly theatrical, ironic, stylish, and fun. They’re Nika Zupanc’s answer to the question, “What would it look like to freeze a beautiful melting moment in an iconic way?” Kiss Me is a lipstick-shaped jewelry box. Love Me is a melting mirror. Sweet Me Up doubles as a candy bowl. And, Cherry Me Up is a tray with a cloche.

Cherry Me Up from the Melt Me collection

“I strive to design timeless, elegant and evocative objects,” explains the Slovenian designer, “that present themselves with an unpredictable touch, a surprising detail, a different approach to understanding.”

Sweet Me Up from Melt Me collection

“I train my brain to work like a sort of visual filter, collecting references from every angle of our culture, reflected through the most ordinary, everyday reality.”

Kiss Me in black variation from the Melt Me collection

There’s certainly that little bit of “extra” to it all too, both the ceramic objects and the Salone del Mobile.Milan campaign. That little bit of “extra” is what Nika Zupanc calls “the emotional ergonometry.”

Melting mirror from Driade Melt Me collection by Zupanc

“I believe design can be a powerful tool for spreading a message or, simply, asking a question, making people think and marvel, and you can achieve that with emotional ergonomics.” Because isn’t it somehow emotional to see these objects so larger than life? Like, “Love Me,” a mirror in motion? Is it wonder you’re feeling? Awe? Curiosity at how it’s all possible? Somehow…a sadness? There it goes…melting away…

In the future, she thinks we cannot and will not be able to do without it.

Driade's Milan exhibit

Nika Zupanc made her debut at SaloneSatellite in 2007 where she met Patricia Moroso and Marcel Wanders. Afterwards, her design career took off. Her advice for new designers is quite simple: “Be unique, true to yourself, fearless, courageous and passionate about what you do.”

The 3-D campaign presenting the new Melt Me collection designed by Nika Zupanc is on display at Salone del Mobile.Milano April 16 – 21 at Pavilion 24 – Booth L01/L03 at Fiera Milano – Rho.

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