Salone 2024: A Society of Rugs

Salone 2024: A Society of Rugs

How, exactly, does one draw a distinction among terms like “floor covering,” “rug,” and “tapestry”?

view of many rugs draped together including the super rug with heron and snake

Perhaps it’s best to avoid labels and simply revel in the creativity and breadth of Rug Society’s bold and lovely assortment—adorning various booths at Salone including those of Brabbu and Maison Valentina.

Here’s “Disruption,” for instance, which evokes some mythological auger boring into the very fabric of the world.

rug with yellow and black and gray swaths with boring device

Then there’s “Valencia,” an expressionistic take on this golden Spanish city that would seem to imply a metropolis fairly dripping in molten sunlight.

Valencia rug  with geometric design and golden drops

“Heron” and “Imperial Snake” are hyper-real evocations of slithering and flight in turn.

Snake rug with black and white snake wrapped around geometric design
Herons on brown background rug

If all of this is making it hard to choose, fear not. At Salone, Rug Society has amalgamated six of their best sellers into one “super rug,” in which the snake slithers off the proverbial page and onto the beguiling blue of “Garden”; in which the heron takes wing toward fantastical regions hitherto unexplored.

rug society showroom
Another view of showroom

The super rug is definitely extraordinary, but Rug Society offers so much more than this unlikely interaction of avian and reptile. See their dozens upon dozens of beautiful artisan-crafted rugs at their stand (Pavillion 15, G25, G27, H26- H28) and at other booths throughout the fair.

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