The Light and Lovely Aya Chair by Branca

The Light and Lovely Aya Chair by Branca

Talk about making the most of negative space. The Aya chair from designer Marco Sousa Santos for branca is a geometric tour de force—a veritable study in the beauty of the line and the wonderful lightness of being.

Aya chair front view in walnut with black leather seat

Santos says that the whole idea with Aya was to use the inherent strength of wood in order to have as few materials as possible: “using wood flexibility as a structural advantage, Aya is like a dancer with a delicate, fragile body—bending but never breaking.”

Aya chair side view

Though I love the metaphor, I’m not sure I agree with “fragile,” as most dancers I’ve encountered are absolutely bulletproof.

Aya chair six chairs in Beech around conference table black leather seats

Just so with this chair. In spite of the light look, its solid wood construction (choice of Beech, Oak, or Walnut) deeds it suppleness and strength—just like the long, elastic musculature of a Ballerina.

Aya chair in black, green, and natural

Aya is handmade and assembled with traditional joinery techniques by artisans in Portugal. The seat comes in leather or plywood. Many frame colors are available.

Aya chair green

Find out more at branca.  

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