Heretofore Looks to the Future

Heretofore Looks to the Future

Refractory Studio‘s Heretofore lighting line is a formidable collection that displays the meticulous hand-crafting the brand is known for.

Heretofore Hanging side view illuminated

Made of an inverted bronze trough, the hanging version offers a distinctive rustic vibe, tempered, albeit, by the daring design on the underside, a hand-chiseled textured surface that offers visual and textural appeal.

detail of light underside with white/bronze patina

The Hanging Light is joined by the companion Heretofore Sconce, with a similarly sculpted bronze shade and an inverted vessel to diffuse indirect light off the textured trough.

Heretofore sconce close view

Like all of Refractory Studio’s work, Heretofore has an heirloom appeal. The company aspires to a celebration of the American design vernacular, actualized with traditional methods and contemporary tools: “an evolution and an extension of a community of artisans who seek to create in the space where art meets collectible design.”

Hanging light
Heretofore sconce illuminated

Given the emphasis on community, there’s no better venue for showcasing Heretofore than the Salon Art + Design show next week at the Park Avenue Armory. In addition to Heretofore, Refractory will also be showing their new solid oak Holotype seating line. Visit their curated space from November 10-14 and discover “an expression of forms and textures inspired by a reverence for terrain and frontier.”

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