Elan Atelier’s Gesso Tables Nest Nicely

Here’s a concept that expertly synthesizes elegant looks and high functionality: Elan Atelier’s Gesso Tables.

Elan Atelier's Gesso Tables nesting all tables above view

These are beautiful tables whose aesthetic hallmark is a lovely coat of molten lacquer, applied with artful delicacy and then polished, sculpted, and prepped for the compelling detail of an inlaid brass strip.

Elan Atelier's Gesso Tables detail

The Gesso collection encompasses a pair of low nesting tables that nicely fit beneath the main table—a clever conglomeration that looks lovely and works well.

Elan Atelier's Gesso Tables nested

Finish options include ivory, gold, chrome, cobalt, and bronze.

Elan Atelier's Gesso Tables detail

To find out more, see Elan Atelier. And go to Designer Pages Media for additional innovative tables.

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