28 Random Suspension Lamp by Bocci

28 Random Suspension Lamp by Bocci

The 28 Random Suspension Lamp may be random—but it’s perfectly random. Designed by Bocci and available at Cassoni, this cluster chandelier includes 28 pendants created using a complex glass blowing technique.

28 Random Suspension Lamp

In pink and white, the 28 Random Suspension Lamp is perfect for the dining room in Barbie’s Dreamhouse. In darker shades, including purple and dark pink, the luminaire works in romantic bedrooms and sultry vanities.

Bocci Suspension Lamp

Every pendant is created by applying air pressure intermittently to a glass sphere that is heated and rapidly cooled. According to Bocci, “The result is a refined distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of imploded inner shapes, one of which acts as a shade for the light source.”

Bocci pendant

Besides the color combinations available through Bocci, you can also customize the 28 Random Suspension Lamp—so it’s not random at all!

Bocci pendants

If you like organized chaos, look at Bocci’s 38 Series.

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