Women Designers: Victoria Azadinho Bocconi Creates Hevea for Pedrali

Women Designers: Victoria Azadinho Bocconi Creates Hevea for Pedrali

March is Women’s History Month—what better time to celebrate female designers? Like Victoria Azadinho Bocconi, who created Hevea for Italian furniture brand Pedrali. Hevea recently sprung up at the 2024 Workspace Design Show in London.

Hevea at Workspace Design Show

Hevea is a vertical partition made of artfully spaced plant pots. The idea for Hevea took root in the Brazilian rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Natural latex is collected in buckets that hang from the tree trunk—a form that inspired Azadinho Bocconi to create Hevea.

Hevea and rubber tree

While the singular version fits perfectly in residential applications, including apartments, the larger Hevea with its 15 plant pots works well in workspaces. According to Azadinho Bocconi, “In the three-column Hevea Partition, it creates an ideal green wall for dividing spaces in contract settings.”

Hevea in situ

Azadinho Bocconi is a Brazilian-born, Italian-based product designer who studied Design Engineering in Italy and earned a Master’s in Product Design in Spain. Hevea is the ideal embodiment of her design philosophy: “Behind every project there is a story to tell but an object, if it is well designed, doesn’t need words to be explained.”

Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

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