New Exhibit from Estúdio Campana

New Exhibit from Estúdio Campana

Estúdio Campana and Friedman Benda present “On the Road,” a new exhibition featuring solo work by Humberto Campana—the first output from the studio since the passing of Fernando, who died in November of 2022.

Branches sofa in aqua marine with branches for legs

The Campana Brothers’ Branches Sofa. A “boldly sculpted form covered in woven textile”.

Running from March 7 through April 12 at Friedman Benda in New York, the exhibition reflects a new direction for Humberto while simultaneously serving as an homage to Fernando on his passing. Renewal and the vitality of nature is a prominent theme here, as is the enduring influence of Humberto’s brother. Several of the pieces are based on Fernando’s ideas that had not previously been realized, such as the pieces made from repurposed aluminum scraps.

Mirror from On the Road featuring reclaimed aluminum

Campana Paisegem Mirror. Repurposing cast-off material for an otherworldy look that recalls natural phenomena of growth, decay, transformation.

In addition to acknowledging Fernando’s legacy, the exhibit also represents a new direction for Humberto. We see this in the emphasis on local materials, expressing “a desire to reconnect with nature and spirituality, accentuated by Fernando’s passing.” Many of the pieces feature local materials presented in unfamiliar contexts. Adobe and the regionally plentiful Jequitibá wood transform into the stunning Paisagem Console (adobe top with aluminum base and legs) and Capim Dourado Buffet (Jequitibá wood).

Pasagem Console, adobe and aluminum
On the Road's Capim Dourado buffet made from Jequitibá wood

Capim Dourado Buffet. The beautiful vibrant discs are made of Jequitibá: “The golden-toned fiber native to central Brazil is spun into roundels and integrated into sophisticated artisanal forms.”

Other pieces include a new iteration of the iconic Jalapão Chair, also featuring Jequitibá fibers as well as Campana Brothers’ standbys leather, sheepskin, and steel.

Jalapão Chair
Jalapão detail

Humberto emphasizes that his commitment to renewal and sustainable resources use extends to outside the studio. He recently planted thousands of trees as part of a reforestation project that will also include a school and nature preserve in his hometown near São Paulo.

Galactica sofa with a futuristic Star Wars type aesthetic

The Galactica Sofa—made of upcycled polystyrene, sheepskin, and leather—demonstrates the vast aesthetic range of Estúdio Campana.

The emphasis on local materials and their symbiotic relationship with the stuff of urbanity is at the core of Campana’s current direction—unexplored terrain reflecting his commitment to remaining On the Road: “Driven by the pulse of rediscovery, the power of this work lies in the unexpected combination of material and the delightful conceit of the finished forms.”

Interior shot of On the Road exhibition

See Estúdio Campana and Friedman Benda to find out more.

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