Grow Tower, Grow!

Grow Tower, Grow!

Kale and chard and bok choy, oh my!

Tower Garden in apartment living room

Arizona-based Agrotonomy invites you to grow 32 plants in four weeks while sacrificing only 10 sq. ft. without soil or intensive hand watering.

Grow Tower components

This amazing device is called the Tower Garden. It works by delivering a perfect balance of water and nutrients to budding seedlings on a strict schedule (submersible pump included) to optimize the growth of leafy greens. And it functions indoors or out!

Grow Tower Garden in kitchen with man

The neat trick of endless salads in your living room is achieved via a network of (separately purchased) LED lights.

gardening tower on outdoor patio

Contact Agrotonomy for further info., and start munching on your bounty of self-sufficiently produced produce in about a month!

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