The Natufia Kitchen Garden takes Veggies to New Levels

The Natufia Kitchen Garden takes Veggies to New Levels

I’m the first to express reluctance at the idea that we can accurately imitate nature, but I have to admit that Natufia seems to be doing a pretty good job at it with the Natufia Kitchen Garden.

Natufia Kitchen Garden view from front with red light modules and growing plants

The Garden is a multifaceted indoor vertical greenhouse, a cultivator of all things vegetable that leverages technology to make growing a refined science, thus “taking farm-to-fork up a notch—all the way to kitchen-to-table.”

Natufia Kitchen Garden close-in view with different greens

The Kitchen Garden is, effectively, a seven-foot tall miniature greenhouse made of stainless steel, glass, and porcelain. It’s also a technological triumph that revolutionizes hydroponic gardening by miniaturizing it, maintaining the automation that makes hydroponics cost- and time-effective while keeping the unit confined to a “nicely presentable space.”

Natufia Kitchen Garden in modern kitchen with built-in installation into cabinetry

Nor do users need to be proficient gardeners. The Kitchen Garden installs like a dishwasher, giving it access to the water and electricity needed to automate the process—controlling light, water delivery, temperature, and PH.

Natufia Kitchen Garden unit in background installed in kitchen with lights off and kitchen island in foreground with cutting board with chopped vaggies

The range of possible herbs and plants is vast—the capacity ranges from 32 to 64 different plants, everything from arugula to kale, sorrel to sage. Natufia also provides the highest quality non-GMO, pesticide-free seeds, but users may use their own if they wish.

Natufia Kitchen Garden image of peppers and green on cutting board in front of unit

A Wi-Fi connection further automates the process, allowing users to monitor their garden and and make adjustments to water delivery, temperature, and light.

Natufia Kitchen Garden nursery feature with seedlings growing and a hand placing one down

Units are available now. See Natufia for more.

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