Deco Delights: Sonne and Gatsby by Philip Watts

Deco Delights: Sonne and Gatsby by Philip Watts

Sonne by Philip Watts virtually begs you to turn the handle and come inside. Sonne (German for sun) is a sunburst-inspired lever new for 2024. Part of the Art Deco Collection, Sonne features an oval plate cast in brass decorated by vibrant lines radiating from the central knob. The central knob itself is its own streamlined splendor, with evenly spaced concentric circles. The whole of Sonne distills the sun into exuberant geometry.

Sonne handles

Available in aluminum or brass, Sonne comes with available keyed cylinders, latches, and lock sets. So much more than a handle, Sonne is like jewelry for the home.

Pair Sonne with Gatsby, a pull handle that pays homage to 1930s modern elegance. Its simple silhouette with engraved parallel lines fits well in traditional and contemporary spaces. Gatsby is available as a long-length entrance handle and interior furniture/door pull.

Gatsby handles

Nottingham-based Philip Watts manufactures handles and fittings in their workshop/interior design studio. The company’s fittings are handmade in house from solid bronze, brass, and aluminum. The company welcomes custom commissions of all shapes and sizes: “We’ve made big—a 5-storey sculpture, and lots of staircases. We’ve made small—radiator brackets, and lots more besides.”

Philip Watts headquarters

For a more industrial and cheeky handle, check out Philip Watts’ Tanktrack.

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