cerrō by mudd. concrete

cerrō by mudd. concrete

In honor of this week’s oval-inspired theme, we present to you cerrō by mudd. concrete. This handmade obround wash basin is a modern interpretation of the oval. Its elliptical shape is inspired by what happens when force is applied in single, but opposing directions.

Cerro by mudd. concrete product image

Cerrō is part of mudd. concrete’s bōl Collection, a series of concrete sinks and basins “born from the weight of clay and the force of human hands on a potter’s lathe.” These are categorized as experimentations in texture, substance, and imperfect hand-brushed surfaces.

Close up of cerro washbasin

This humble countertop basin seems to be completely “of-the-earth.” As concrete, it’s set and hardened, especially by the time it arrives for installation, but there’s a lingering sense of wetness about it, a softness to its spirituality and earthen tone. It’s almost as if it’s actually a bathroom sink made of a heavy loamy mud, that gritty workable earth one might find beneath your toes at the bottom of an ankle-deep creek. 

cerro by mudd. concrete in situ

Though it sounds hefty, cerrō’s curvature gradually dissolves into the sink’s base giving it a weightless quality. Measuring at 26.5’’ in length, cerrō’s latitude is large enough to offer considerable sink coverage.

The bol collection from mudd concrete

Cerrō comes in nine colors. The colors themselves are earthen tones through and through.

Bone is as white as a femur. Clay plays as terracotta’s cousin. Cliff looks like organic ash. And Moss is a forest green encapsulated in shadow. Dune, Flint, Lava, Pumice, and Silt, sandy-colored neutrals, fill out the rest of the cerrō line-up.

The mudd. concrete team based out of Canada

All of mudd.’s cementitious designs are made in their countryside studio in Ontario, Canada.

For those fascinated by cement’s multi-dimensional qualities and configurations, feast your eyes on the free-standing cement bathtub from Native Trails, the Avalon 72, from the 2023 BDNY Preview.

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