Boucle Paper Edge + Sitio from Art + Loom

Boucle Paper Edge + Sitio from Art + Loom

Look to Art + Loom for a great celebration of art and the loom (and where they intersect), with new oval-shaped offerings Boucle Paper Edge and Sitio.

Boucle Paper Edge rug

The first is a lovely layered rug that gives the distinct impression of the crumpled edge of a piece of paper.

Detail of Boucle rug showing different colors layered

Rest assured, however, that this is no thin sheet but rather a beautifully customized rug made of the luxe trio of New Zealand wool, mohair, and Chinese silk.

Another detail, oval rug

The equally compelling Sitio also offers an ovalesque silhouette, albeit with a bit more creative license.

Sitio front view

Sitio features a compelling striated look. On first glance it almost appears as if the rug is sectioned off into so many geometric shapes, very like a cobblestone roadway.

Art + Loom rug detail

However, detailed images reveal the soft truth. Even so, Sitio’s slightly raised rectangles give the impression of brick or stone.

Sitio rug partially folded

The intricate pattern can be duplicated in a variety of colors. Sitio features the technique of cut pile. Material options include wool, silk, allo, mohair, nylon, bamboo silk, viscose, and linen.

See Art + Loom to find out more.

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