Radient Wood Sconces by RBW

Radient Wood Sconces by RBW

Wood is not an unusual material to use in luminaires. But the way RBW designed its Radient Disc and Radient Square sconces is nothing short of brilliant. This is fitting, since the name RBW originally stood for Rich Brilliant Willing.

Radient Disc in situ

Radient Disc highlights the beauty of wood and geometry. Radient Disc is a circle in White Oak, Tzalam/Caribbean Walnut, Ebonized Oak, or White. The light radiates from behind the disc of wood, making it look glowing. RBW describes the light as “diffusing a soft halo of light.”

Radient Disc

In Ebonized Oak, Radient Disc is made for writers. After all, it looks like a mark of punctuation—the period or end stop.

Radient sconces

Radient Square is for those who think it’s hip to be square. Not too square, however, since Radient Square has lovely rounded edges.

Radient Disc and Square

It resembles the shape of Charms candies—delicious. Fetching in Ebonized Oak and White, Radient Disc also shows off the sinuous lines of wood grain in White Oak and Tzalam.

The lunar-inspired Phase is another great sconce by RBW.

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