Muista Chair by Muista

Muista Chair by Muista

The Muista Chair by Muista in Vilnius, Lithuania, is an ergonomic chair which encourages balance and strengthening exercises while working or just sitting around.

Muista with desk

The Muista Chair’s unique saddle design can be used in two ways. Whichever way you choose, you will be adjusting your body to small movements that strengthen the back and improve core muscles.

Its name is from the Polish word meaning to fidget, and you can fidget away your time on it. Or you can deliberately engage in movements to improve your health and posture.

Muista black

The Muista Chair’s seat comes in wool or recycled polyester. Its base is available in clear or black wood.

Muista Pine and Muista Poppy

Muista can also be ordered with a pop of color in Muista Pine or Muista Poppy.

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