Belvedere by Fantini is Easy to Handle

There’s something in a name, isn’t there? Now that companies and designers are really going global, since communication is closing even the last frontiers, perhaps there is a place for a new type of business: name consulting. First on the list should be a cross-check that whatever name possibilities exist don’t mean something decidedly insulting or unappealing in another commonly used language (sadly, it’s too late for ACNE).

Belvedere. Designed by Fantini.

Second on the list should be a close examination of connotations, as some attractive words have historically been stolen by certain parties of ill repute or dubious character (the word freedom comes to mind). A well-named product can increase attention and sales. When I come across designs whose names have been carefully thought out, I appreciate the manufacturer’s forethought.

Take the Belvedere by Fantini. A geometric faucet with a faceted handle in two equally interesting styles, Belvedere reminds me of good things. There is a Belvedere Chocolatier in Denver; a Belvedere Art Deco boutique hotel in midtown Manhattan; and a Belvedere Vodka whose website boasts a drink recipe for a Kumquat Mule. Afficionados of the 1980s might associate the name with Mr. Belvedere, a sitcom about Lynn Aloysius Belvedere, an immigrant British butler who must work for a middle-class family (cultural hijinks ensue). Unless you’re one of those people who refer to televisions as those intelligence-sucking black boxes (in which case you probably wouldn’t have heard of Mr. Belvedere), then Belvedere is indeed a fine name.

Belvedere by Fantini is Easy to Handle

But what about the product? Well, that has to live up to its name, doesn’t it? The Belvedere upholds the swanky and delicious connotations, though it eschews the pop-culture ones. Designed by Franco Sargiani, who also produced the exotic Oriente and the sexy Stilo, Belvedere “delivers a stylish, premium range which is contemporary in character and full of charm and seduction.” The faceted faucets and precious handles make the Belvedere full of odd angles that create a reflective play of light. Yet those interesting designs are based on ergonomics–Fantini did research on how we typically grab and hold handles. Comfortable to the touch and easy on the eyes, Belvedere includes either a rectangular lozenge handle or a long stick handle (though calling it a stick makes it seem much more quotidian than it actually is). Either comes in chromium-plated brass or glass, depending on how you like your finishes.

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