DNM Architecture and Wellmade Team Up for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Partnership

DNM Architecture and Wellmade Team Up for an Accessory Dwelling Unit Partnership

The recently announced partnership between DNM Architecture and Wellmade makes the idea of moving into your own back yard even better.

A Wellmade ADU in situ

Both companies are based in California. So, they’re each no stranger to the skyrocketing popularity of prefabricated Accessory Dwelling Units. Or, as more and more lay people seem to know them: ADUs.

A tree growing through the structure of an Accessory Dwelling Unit

According to the California State Housing Department nearly 20 percent of housing units in the Golden State are ADUs. In some cases, people argue ADUs are helping to tackle the affordable housing issue that’s reached “crisis-level” in some states.

The light and airy inside of an Accessory Dwelling Unit

But, even if you don’t dwell in your ADU, there are benefits to having them around. An ADU could boost your property value by adding additional square footage. Or, you could become an Airbnb Superhost, another revenue stream. Or, it could be your satellite office, a play house for the kids, or a mother-in-law suite if you need a living space for your in-laws that’s close enough, but still not in your own house.

Meet the Companies

DNM was founded in 1999 and has a history of designing LEED and GreenPoint-Rated homes. Homes with this “Earth-first” mentality require strong elements of sustainability and energy efficiency, both in materials and methods.

An ADU in situ

Wellmade is based in San Leandro, California. They began as a design company and are now well-known for their visually impressive, environmentally focused designs, specializing in premier ADUs.

So, DNM Architecture and Wellmade decided to team up and do what they each do best.

The Process

DNM will be the architect-of-record taking care of site analysis and seeing to building permitting while Wellmade will supply their visually impressive and high-quality modern residential design for ADUs that come with a simple, panelized construction technique.

An ADU in the bright sunlight

During installation there won’t be any cranes or heavy machinery to erect this simple dwelling. Every piece is designed for two or three people to carry it. And it’s all put together just like LEGOs. Piece by piece.

ADUs for the Future

Can these be beautiful? Can they also be sustainable? The answer is yes. The ADUs from this partnership are stronger and more efficient. They’re compact, yet visually impressive. And, considerably more environmentally friendly than the cheap builder kits that get shipped in from overseas.

An ADU lit up at night in situ

Imagine gazing out your kitchen window to the warm light coming from the backyard unit. Who’s in there? Are they guests? Are they your parents? Is that you at the desk working on your novel? One thing is for sure. ADUs certainly set the mind to dreaming. The possibilities, it seems, are endless.

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