Aeonica by Spacestor

Aeonica by Spacestor

Aeonica in situ in a bright, large workspace in burgundy and dark greige colors

The arches of Aeonica are a future-forward way to space-make the workplace.

Aeonica is a new design concept from Spacestor, a company known for creating architectural, space-defining furniture. Spacestor worked alongside product design consultant Gensler for more than two years to bring the new interior landscaping toolkit of Aeonica to life.

Aeonica in midnight blue as desk alcoves

In January 2024 Gensler received a Le FRENCH DESIGN 100 award, celebrating Aeonica as one of the 100 best French objects and interior design projects evoking French savoir-faire, craftsmanship, and the art of living.

Aeonica in blush and light greige colors

The curves and shapes of Aeonica are inspired by classic forms like arches, cloisters, colonnades, rotundas, porticos, and pantheons.

The architectural arches that served as inspiration for Aeonica shapes

Aeonica by Spacestor comes in an earthy color palette of six shades: Light Greige, Dark Greige, Blush, Burgundy, Midnight Blue, and Dark Green.

Shapes can be fashioned into endless configurations thanks to a patent-pending quick release that joins together five classic geometric building blocks into space-defining pieces of furniture.

Aeonica in dark green arches in an office environment

Open concept offices can now have warm and welcoming privacy nooks, meeting rooms, and alcoves—all without hiring a general contractor or ever installing a wall.  

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