Trouble with the Curve?

Trouble with the Curve?

If you did in the past you needn’t have it now, for Fino by Muraflex is here to save the day.

man walking in consultancy firm with Fino curved glass walls next to him

A particularly high-performer among Muraflex’s roster of demountable glass walls, Fino aims for a clean, streamlined look. Made from recyclable aluminum, Fino takes a page from the spaces of Europe, where they often have less real estate to work with: “a sleek design solution providing flexibility and convenience with less bulk.”

Curved glass wall detail in hallway of workspace

Fino shows to particularly good effect in this Washington-based consultancy firm, in which the straight lines and modern architectural details are softened by the curved glass walls.

Fino curved glass with sitting area opposite and open foyer beyond

Fino is engineered for superior function. With precision door sealing and perfect alignment, the glass walls offer excellent acoustics. Glazing options include single, double, and curved. And the range of finishes is vast, with wood laminate, powder-coat paints, and many metals, including the anodized architectural bronze featured here.

Open space in consultancy firm with gray floor and carpet and comfy modular couch surrounded by glass-walled offices and other spaces
Fino curved glass detail with planter box beneath

Find out more at Muraflex. And if you like demountable glass walls, check out Alur Glass Walls are Bold and Beautiful

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