Perfectly Molded

Perfectly Molded

The seed of Seongjae Park’s Molding Furniture was planted during trips to his father’s work, where Seongjae would help him with finish carpentry.

Molding chair front view

He found the concept of Molding fascinating, as it operates at intersections—between ceiling and wall, wall and floor, around windows and gates.

Molding table and chairs

Extending this metaphor of connection, Molding Furniture uses the recognizable profile of Molding to unite furnishings with the interior architecture: “Naturally connecting the language of space… molding that permeates furniture is not only decorated in the original way, but also becomes a structure like a bridge or a connector.”


The collection includes side chairs, desks, side tables, and trays, made of different molding including Red Oak, Walnut, Maple, and Birch.

Back of chair with person sitting in it

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