Bassline Bench by Turnstone

Bassline Bench by Turnstone

If you’re looking for a place to edit a document, Bassline Bench by Turnstone may be just the ticket. The little bench/table is also great for accommodating office visitors who want to chat.

Bassline Bench yellow

Eliminate the table and Bassline Bench is a perfect place to sip coffee or put your feet up. The two-toned upholstery makes the ottoman more dynamic and its angled legs gives it an animated insect-like appearance.

Bassline Bench

Turnstone by Steelcase offers customization options to fit any workspace, including many fabrics (Scarlet and Wasabi are quite fetching) and multiple matt and metallic leg finishes.

Bassline Bench in situ

Turnstone’s Campfire Pouf is another versatile ottoman for workspaces.

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