Zintra Mesh from MDC Interior Solutions

Zintra Mesh from MDC Interior Solutions

Transform your surroundings—no matter how elevated your ceilings may be—with Zintra Mesh, a system of acoustic panels with a compelling vertical aesthetic and maximum sound absorption.

Zintra Mesh in tones of white and beige above workspace lounge area

With an industry-leading NRC rating of 1.0, Zintra Mesh panels provide superior performance. The range of styles is an additional boon. Six designs each offer a variation on the theme, with offset, short offset, long offset, checkered, herringbone, and random styles.

Panel detail. Midnight blue.

MDC also offers an impressive palette: 24 standard colors running the gamut from the inky black Tar to the joyous Mandarin to the mysterious Malachite. They also offer premium materials like Terracotta and Travertine as well as premium wood print and timber designs.

Zintra Mesh in Tar, random configuration above workplace lounge

And Zintra Mesh is great for achieving creative displays. The interchangeable eight-inch quills are exceptionally lightweight and thus easy to install, alter, and reconfigure.

Acoustical panels in gray, blue, and yellow above workplace lounge

Zintra Mesh boasts excellent sustainability credentials. Made of 100% recyclable materials, the product meets the Global Recycled Standard and is Red List Free.

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