Straw Lamps by Julie Lansom

Straw Lamps by Julie Lansom

Do you prefer your straw with a bend or without?

Green curvy lamp and blue straight one on the beach

Designer Julie Lansom offers both: the straight variety and the “silly straw” style, with a clever curve that multiplies the personality quotient.

The designer with several lamps

And these lamps are not only long on personality, but also on quality and craftsmanship: the lacquered metal stands are made by Julie in the South of France, and the Opaline glass spheres are hand-blown in Austria.

Close-in view of four Straw lamps

Each Straw lamp is a one of a kind: “This artisanal work can imply inevitable perfect little imperfections that give every STRAW lamp its value and uniqueness.”

Designer with the whole range of colors

Find out more at Julie Lansom.

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