Oblique Gets Right to the Point

Oblique Gets Right to the Point

Oblique: adjective, 1. “neither parallel nor at a right angle to a specified or implied line; slanting.”

Oblique Floor schematic representation of angle of light

Designers may not typically associate the idea of “oblique” with targeted lighting, but this is exactly what Vincent Van Duysen’s Oblique Floor does.

Oblique Floor illuminating grey wall with sample floor tiles

Proposed to solve the problem of articulated arms and tilting heads (and the extra space they require), Oblique Floor, for Flos, uses a slim lens and concealed LEDs “to produce an extremely bright beam of light that falls ‘obliquely’ from the head of the lamp onto the lit surface.”

luminaire detail showing small lens with concealed LED
Floor lamp emitting light onto wall of rough stone

The lamp also features a “capacitative” button at the bottom of the luminaire head that allows touch-sensitive fine tuning of brightness/dimming to achieve the ideal illumination for a given context.

two floor lamps black and green

Oblique Floor is an updated version of Van Duysen’s original table lamp, designed in 2020.

orange Oblique table lamp on table with books

Both are available in multiple finishes: anthracite, sage, brown, rust orange, white, and grey. Oblique also features a discrete USB port at the base for convenient device charging.

Oblique Floor base detail

Find out more at Flos. And go to 3rings for other examples of innovative LED lighting.

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