Snaking Your Way to a Nice, Warm Towel

Snaking Your Way to a Nice, Warm Towel

Okay, we grant that a heated towel rail isn’t the pièce de résistance of bathroom design, but it can make for a much-appreciated convenience of a chilly winter morn, not to mention offer the boon of fast drying.

Snake towel rail in gold near white tub with yellow satin wallpaper

Scirocco’s Snake makes this ostensibly mundane bathroom item look good. Designed by Franca Lucarelli and Bruna Rapisarda, Snake is a steel rail that’s shaped into rectangular tubes—wending and winding their way across the bathroom wall.

Maze-like towel rail in salmon color on bathroom wall
Snake in chrome, close-up

There’s a premium here on style. Snake’s design options are just about endless, with finishes in raw or stainless steel, gold, and chrome; matte and polished finishes in about 30 colors, and specialized metallic finishes in metallized bronze, embossed anthracite, graphite, and more.

Towel rail in gray on blue wall in bathroom with view of outdoors

See Scirocco for further details and to sample the range of finish options with their online configurator.

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