Vanity, Mirror, and Basin in ONE

If you’ve ever been to Paris, than you know a thing or two about “la salle de bain petit.” It seems space is at a premium in Europe’s greatest of cities. That–coupled with an–ahem–different conception of “elbow room” than that of “United Statesians” (don’t you dare tell them you’re “American”), equates to differently scaled accommodations. And, yes, it requires a bit of emotional accommodation to accept that French bathrooms frequently must be squeezed into and out of, even you possess “un corps petit.”

ONE. Designed by Jean-Michel Policar for Lido.

All this might help explain why the most recent brainchild of designer Jean Michel Policar is a singular inspiration: ONE is a combination cabinet, mirror, basin, drawer, and towel rail–all in a single “column” and all within “reduced dimensions for the needs of small spaces.”

The logic of a modestly proportioned yet comprehensive ablutional system doesn’t only apply to France. In fact, I recently profiled a pair of similar concepts: Onur Mustak Coblani’s ERK Bathroom System and Dang Jingwei’s Home Core. The similarities bear mentioning because all three evince an auspicious trend towards getting more function from less material within less space, and we all know that’s a wise choice in this climate change-ridden millennial world.

Vanity, Mirror, and Basin in ONE

Vanity, Mirror, and Basin in ONE

ONE, however, departs from the seeming trend toward a futurist look by embracing an aesthetic of retro chic. Or, as Policar says, “very couture quilted Original scenarios of these products glamorous, chic and practical. Like a belt, headband around her.” If I may be so bold as to attempt a translation of this translation… “finishes in glossy black or polished aluminum incorporate classic bathroom motifs that also recall fashion accessories–a diamond pattern on a leather belt or the faux quilting of a ladies’ headband.”

One recently debuted at Paris’ Ideobain, the semi-annual Paris trade show that’s a vaunted venue for new bathroom products as well as a showcase for the latest trends and technological Coups d’©tat. Count ONE among the latter. Policar’s integrated concept represents a futuristic idea whose time is now.

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