Moxie Collection by SmithHönig

Moxie Collection by SmithHönig

The unconventional brand SmithHönig has a clever take on animal prints with the Moxie Collection of textiles. Available in a cotton/linen blend or velvet, the patterns of Moxie Collection revisit leopard and zebra prints in inventive colorways.

Moxie fabrics

Moxie features a zebra print in Lilac or Sweetpea. It’s a great pattern for kids’ rooms, as well as for favorite reading chairs in quirky libraries full or fairy tales and gothic romances.

Fancy Pants

Fancy Pants is SmithHönig’s signature leopard print. It makes a great neutral for haunted homes and maximalist mansions alike.

Plaidish and Neela fabrics

Plaidish in Gray and Neela in Blue are wonderful coordinating textiles. Plaidish is an imperfect plaid, which explains its name. Neela is a global arabesque that’s irresistible in blue velvet.

Andean Summer fabrics

The Moxie Collection by SmithHönig shows off the brand’s festival of color and pattern. This seems fitting, given that SmithHönig’s founders “crave color, creativity, even a little chaos … some intentional imperfection … a hint of age or the maker’s hand.”

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