Koibuchi Bookcase by Qeeboo

Koibuchi Bookcase by Qeeboo

New from whimsical brand Qeeboo, the Koibuchi Bookcase is a freestanding sculpture featuring organically shaped holes. According to Qeeboo, Koibuchi Bookcase is “conceived as a wall of sectioned and pierced stones … configured as a series of interconnected irregular spaces.” Spaces where you can display—and intuitively organize—books, objects, records, or collections.

Koibuchi Bookcase in Dove Grey

Koibuchi is designed by Stefano Giovannoni, the same playful architect who created the iconic Rabbit Chair. The bookcase can be used horizontally or vertically. It can also be mounted on a wall by itself or in multiples. Koibuchi could be a unit for an otherworldly library—envision a great hallway pierced by the negative spaces of Koibuchi Bookcase (and perhaps the negative spaces between Koibuchis).

Koibuchi Bookcase Mustard

Made of recyclable polyethylene, Koibuchi Bookcase comes in five colors, including Terracotta (which can be a great neutral) Mustard, Green Khaki, Dove Grey, and Ivory.

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