Havwoods Elegante Veneers

Havwoods Elegante Veneers

Enhancing the versatility and improving the sustainable credentials of wood veneers, Havwoods offers a suite of new designs cultivated and milled in the Pesaro e Urbino province of central Italy.

Elegante veneer in gray on bathroom wall

The location is significant because of its proximity to Western Africa: The Elegante line is made from reconstituted Italian ALPI veneer from Ayous trees, a fast-growing species offering grain-neutral timber that can be easily colored and processed.

Detail of wood veneer with ribbed profile

Elegante veneer sheets are extremely lightweight compared to other woods, making for a versatile, flexible, and color-consistent surface for walls, ceilings, furniture, cabinetry, and subtly-curved surfaces.

Ribbed wood veneer on cabinet front

The line is comprised of three styles: Costato (ribbed), Fresato (milled), and Ondato (wave) and is available in 12 color options.

Elegant veneer Fresato style in dark wood
Ondata veneer in natural light wood

See Havwoods to find out more.

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