BDNY Wrap-Up: Top Products

BDNY Wrap-Up: Top Products

*Top image: The lobby in the 21C Museum Hotel, St. Louis: winner of the BDNY So Cool award for the eight-foot spherical orb designed by Serkan Özkaya.

It’s a wrap and all the votes are in. BDNY’s Best of awards acknowledges everything from furniture to art, fabrics to exhibit design, even moving targets like guestroom service and most impressive hotel lobby. Here we take a look at some of our favorite hospitality products from this year’s show.

Best in Show/Best of, Seating: Bau by InSpec

Inspec’s Bau, designed by Note Design Studio and manufactured by Lammhults, is a big, bold easy chair with a broad silhouette and an even broader personality. It’s a simple construction of fiber board and high-resilient polyurethane foam, giving this modular furnishing a playful aspect that lends it to creative configurations.

Bau in red at BDNY
InSpec Bau modular seating in light blue with yellow tables

Best in Show/Best of, Lighting: Push Up Pro by Zafferano America

Push Up Pro is the little cordless lamp that could. A dimmable LED table lamp that offers 12 hours of cordless illumination, Push Up Pro also offers a futurist aesthetic. With a luminous diffuser that resembles lights on a UFO, Push Up Pro beckons with convenient indoor/outdoor lighting that’s soft as silk.

Push Up Pro lamp in white on nightstand
BDNY winner Push Up Pro desk lamp

Best of, Flooring: Daltile Outlander Collection

Who else but Daltile to take porcelain tile to the next level? The brand’s Outlander collection offers the timeless look of terrazzo in three designs with five colorways each. And Outlander features Daltile’s patented Stepwise technology: slip resistance is integrated throughout the entire body of the tile, providing life-long protection against dreaded accidents while maintaining an enviably smooth finish— no residue or rough surface.

Daltile Outlander collection of terrazzo tile in outdoor setting
Daltile Outlander, BDNY winner

Best in Show/Best of, Architectural Materials: ICON, WOW Design

You’ll definitely say WOW when you feast your eyes on ICON, a ceramic-based privacy wall and partitioning system. With this modular collection made of easy-to assemble 4″ x 8″ units, ICON perfects the art of modulated shelter—a barrier that lets in light and air, flowing seamlessly between inside and out.

WOW ICON architectural partition in restaurant

Best of, Bath/Spa: Nu, Roca Bathroom Products

What’s Nu? A vivacious bath fittings collection that gives washrooms, spas, and hotel bathrooms a whole new look. Nu distills the bathroom tap down to its most basic, “stripping away artifice to arrive at the essence of timeless design.” But that doesn’t mean Nu is somber. Quite the contrary: the collection features pin, stripe, and dome handles and a vibrant color palette inspired by the Mediterranean landscape, not to mention a hidden smiley face (Roca likens it to “a little English Guardsman with a top hat and raised sword”) revealed in the red and blue hot/cold indicators beneath the handle.

Bathroom taps in blue and yellow
Detail of Roca, Nu bathroom tap handle in white with red and blue dots to indicate hot/cold

Honorable Mention, Best of, Wallcoverings: Between Rivers, Arte

Between Rivers is a 3D textile wallcovering on non-woven backing that imagines the flora and fauna in the fertile region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in historic Babylonia. It’s a beautiful, Edenic scene with elephants, gazelles, palm trees, and architectural remains hinting at human presence in this region that figured large in the development of arable farming.

Between Rivers textile wallcovering
Detail of Between Rivers, BDNY honoree

Congratulations to all of the BDNY winners. Preparations are already underway for next year’s show: November 10-11, Javits Center, NYC. We hope to see you there!

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