Armchair 6950

Armchair 6950

Jaroslav Šmídek is probably not very well known outside of the Czech Republic.

side view detail of bright patterned upholstery

Yet his work demonstrates a keen influence within Mid-Century Modern design, especially in upholstered seating.

Armchair 6950 view of cushion and frame

Armchair 6950 stands out for its elegant angular woodwork, raised arms with metal ring detail, and vibrant period upholstery. Here it is in a different fabric.

Rear view in rust-colored textured fabric

Šmídek was an architect in the town of Brno. This year marks the 100th. anniversary of his birth—design circles in Eastern Europe are commemorating the occasion by recognizing his rising influence, especially in the area of retro-style design.

Front view

See here to learn more about him and his work.

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