Stua’s Task Chair is a Gas, Gas, Gas

Stua’s Task Chair is a Gas, Gas, Gas

Have a gas and eschew the bells and whistles with the Stua Gas Chair designed by Jesús Gasca.

Stua Gas Chair orange and red in home office

Gas is simple but not simplistic. It features an aluminum frame chromed in glossy or matte finish, a seamless swivel, and a height-adjustable seat—the latter two features controlled by a single, streamlined mechanism.

Stua Gas Chair blue rear view

The seat and back duplicate the body’s natural curves, creating an ergonomic environment for focused work.

Stua Gas Chair white in home office

Gas supports more casual, less intensive sitting too—the guest version has a five-star base. Also, the finish possibilities are expansive: from chrome to powder coat frame, polypropylene to upholstered seat, textile mesh to cognac leather back.

Stua Gas Chair cognac ecoleather rear view

And as to the ineffable substance that is its namesake? Apart from the play on his surname, designer Gasca credits it with his principal inspiration: “We have been dreaming about the future and we envisaged a chair with fluid lines as light as gas.”

Stua Gas Chair three chairs at table rear view

See Stua for further details. And go to Designer Pages Media for more fabulous furniture from Jesús Gasca.

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