Zachary A. Paper Collection

Zachary A. Paper Collection

It may not be paper, but it definitely has paper in its lineage.

Paper stool on blue background

In fact, the new collection from Zachary A. begins as paper, conceptually, at least, if not actually in fact.

Stool made of pencil sketch against blue billowy background

The process begins as a sketch—a drawing first made before the paper it’s on is then manipulated, Origami-like, into a form that loosely resembles a chair or stool.

Stool sketch detail, curlicues and rhomboids

Next, it functions as a mold: a cast made from its inside, in which the folds, crumples, and, yes, the very essence of the drawing are transferred to the furniture’s exterior.

stool detail

These are fully-functional pieces that support the weight of a human person, yet they look as if they’re made of paper, as if they might blow away in a stiff breeze.

Paper collection chair, blue background

In essence, these stools and chairs transform the flat plane of a paper drawing into a fully realized object, one that solicits contact and exploration, “inviting one to experience a drawing that’s found new life in three-dimensional space.”

Man on Paper Collection chair

See Zachary A. to find out more.

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