Vertical Panorama Pavilion by Studio Other Spaces

Vertical Panorama Pavilion by Studio Other Spaces

Visitors to Sonoma’s Donum Estate are met with the spectacular specter of Studio Other Spaces’ Vertical Panorama Pavilion, suspended on the horizon like a technicolor UFO.

Vertical Panorama Pavilion on horizon

All photos by Adam Potts.

A pavilion-esque structure made of 832 colored laminated glass panels, the “conical canopy” represents a cross-section of the regions’ various meteorological patterns, “24 colors in variations of translucent and transparent hues, which resonate colors of the local environment in the Sonoma Valley.”

View of Vertical Panorama Pavilion from beneath laminated glass

Think of it as an abstraction based on reality, a fanciful-yet-scientific interpretation of the locale’s seasonal fluctuations, which, in effect, is a real extrapolation of the terroir, the various annual microclimates that give the wine its unique character.

Looking through oculus of Vertical Pavilion

Perhaps firm founder Olafur Eliasson says it best: “The pavilion maps out the surrounding ephemera—the soil, vegetation, wind, sun, atmosphere, and rain—and incorporates these into the colorful canopy, reflecting the wine’s unique signature.”

View from above

See Studio Other Spaces to find out more.

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