Tecnografica Decorative Laminated Glass Panels

Tecnografica Decorative Laminated Glass Panels

The timeless allure of nature is much in evidence with Tecnografica’s Decorative Panels.

Swirling sand type design

Made of laminated glass, these large format panels capture the essence of stones, minerals, and fossils via innovative scanning and printing technologies that render them in high-res, larger-than-life imagery, exploring, for instance, the deeply faceted interior of a geode or the subtle striations of a Mediterranean cliffside.

Decorative Glass detail with geode like design
Copenhagen decorative glass panel with marble-like aspect

As statement pieces, the panels work well for featured walls in multiple applications: from restaurants to bathrooms, client meeting rooms to backlit spas.

Panel design that looks like a cracked wall with many different colors displayed in spa

And speaking of backlighting, among the three finish options is Decora LED, a light-integrated panel that’s customizable and programmable, for dramatic displays that juxtapose lighting and image.

Greenish, swirling, aquatic design in bathroom

In addition to glass, Tecnografia offers the panels in a flexible polymer-based version. All told, they offer more than 100 designs, in addition to custom options.

Palm fronds on granite-like backdrop

Check out their website to learn more.

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