Palazzetti’s Ultra-Efficient  WTX Firebox

Palazzetti’s Ultra-Efficient WTX Firebox

With the chill of autumn upon us, it’s an opportune time to consider a new wood-burning appliance—Italian brand Palazzatti is a great place to start your search.

Detailed view of wood-burning stove

The company’s new WTX 80 Ecomonoblocco is a slim, appealing firebox that adapts to a wide range of interiors, but it also happens to be pushing the envelope in regards to efficiency.

WTX 80 firebox front view

Enhanced features include patented exchanger with Thermofix firebox and Combustion Control technology, translating to a slow, constant burn and more even distribution of heat. The WTX 80 also offers a complete burn, not only maximizing fuel efficiency but also reducing waste gases and minimizing dust.

Nice fire with wood nearby

Further, the appliance provides both radiant heat and natural convection, for more thorough distribution and elimination of hot and cold spots. And there’s a forced convection option for sending heat to distant rooms and different stories via ducts. Find out more at Palazzetti.

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